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VA FileMan Functions

How to Use VA FileMan Functions

This chapter lists each VA FileMan Function, including syntax and simple examples of their use. You can use them in any computed expression (see the "Computed Expressions" chapter).

A function performs an operation that returns a value. Many functions are included with VA FileMan; you can also add functions by making entries in the FUNCTION file (#.5). The "VA FileMan Programmer Manual" describes how to add functions, in the "VA FileMan Functions (Creating)" section.

Some functions require an argument or arguments; others are "argumentless." The arguments of the function can be any element, including field name, field number (preceded with the #), quoted literal, or even other functions. The SQUAREROOT function, for example, would take an argument of 64 and return 8. Thus, if the AGE field of a patient has the value 64, the expression SQUAREROOT(AGE) would return 8.

NOTE: If there is an output transform on a field, the function code is applied to the field after it has been transformed. In most cases, if a field has an output transform, you should therefore use the syntax FUNCTION_NAME(INTERNAL(FIELD_NAME)), rather than FUNCTION_NAME(FIELD_NAME).


Reviewed/Updated: March 4, 2007