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VA FileMan Functions


  1. MAXIMUM(fname)

  2. MAXIMUM(fname:field)
  1. In the first format, fname is the name of a file or of a Multiple in your current file.

  2. In the second format:

    • fname is the name of your current file or Multiple.

    • field is the name of a field (or a field number preceded by #) in fname.
Use: With the first format, this function returns the largest value from the .01 field of the file or Multiple identified by fname. The second format returns the largest value from field. The function works only if the internally stored values of the entries are numeric. Thus, you can use numeric or date valued fields. Also, free text fields will work if the stored values are numbers. Computed fields with numeric results can be used. Pointer fields will return the value from the pointed-to file.

MAXIMUM(APPOINTMENT)=> FEB 25,1991 [APPOINTMENT is a Multiple-valued DATE/TIME field]

MAXIMUM(PATIENT:AGE)=> 93 [AGE is a field in the current file, PATIENT]


Reviewed/Updated: March 4, 2007