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The COMPILED ROUTINE file (#.83) stores a list of numbers used to assign names to compiled sort routines. When a compiled SORT template is used in a print, the next available routine number is selected from the COMPILED ROUTINE file. The routine name is then set to ^DISZ, concatenated with up to three zeros and the number from the COMPILED ROUTINE file (e.g., if the number is four, the routine name becomes ^DISZ0004). After the print finishes, the routine number is released, and the routine is deleted. However, if the system goes down, the number may not be released. This procedure allows the site manager to release one or all numbers on the COMPILED ROUTINE file for reuse and to delete the associated routine(s) from the system.

NOTE: This procedure should never be included in application code. It should only be run from the M programmer prompt. The routine should be run only when the system is inactive to avoid inadvertently deleting a routine that is in use.

Input Parameters

(Optional) Internal Entry Number of the compiled routine number to be released. If passed as null or zero or if the parameter string is empty, all the numbers in the file are released.


There is no output from this routine. The routine simply sets a flag on one or more entries in the COMPILED ROUTINE file (#.83), indicating that the entry number is available for reuse.


Example 1

To release routine number three for reuse and to delete routine ^DISZ0003, do the following:

    >D ENRLS^DIOZ(3)

Example 2

To release all routine numbers for reuse and to delete all of the associated ^DISZnnnn routines for each routine number "nnnn," do the following:



Reviewed/Updated: March 4, 2007