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System Management

Manually Setting ^%ZOSF Nodes

VA FileMan's screen-oriented utilities execute M operating system-specific code contained in ^%ZOSF nodes. Running the DINZMGR routine in the Manager Account, as explained in the "VA FileMan Installation Guide," sets the necessary nodes. However, DINZMGR can only set the nodes for some operating systems. If you want to use the screen-oriented features but your operating system is not supported by DINZMGR, you must set the nodes yourself.

The ^%ZOSF nodes and their meanings are listed below. Remember that the values stored in these nodes must be M code that, when executed, will perform the indicated function. For example, X ^%ZOSF("EOFF") would need to turn off the echo to the current device.

^%ZOSF Nodes Description
EOFF Turns off echo to the $I device.
EON Turns on echo to the $I device.
NO-TYPE-AHEAD Turns off type-ahead for the $I device.
RM Sets the $I width to X characters.
TRMOFF Resets terminators to normal.
TRMON Turns on all control characters as terminators.
TRMRD Returns in Y what terminated the last read.
TYPE-AHEAD Allows type-ahead for the $I device.
XY Sets $X=DX and $Y=DY.


Reviewed/Updated: March 4, 2007