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Verify Fields

The Verify Fields option uses a field's definition to verify the data stored in a file. After invoking this option, you can ask to verify all existing values of a particular field by entering its label at the "VERIFY WHICH FIELD:" prompt; or you can ask that all fields at a given file level be verified by entering ALL at the prompt.

This option's basic function is to apply a field's INPUT TRANSFORM against all existing values of the field.  22.2It now also checks cross-referenced fields for duplicates and dangling pointers in the cross-references.

If more than one discrepancy is found between the current definition and the data on file, you will be asked if you want to save the list of those entries containing the inconsistent data in a template. Later you would be able to "SORT BY:" the entries in this template to display or edit them.

NOTE: For information on how to execute or avoid executing any part of the INPUT transform when the Verify Fields option is being run, please refer to the "Input Transform" section in the "Advanced File Definition" chapter in the "VA FileMan Programmer Manual." Some parts of a field's INPUT transform (whose main purpose is to validate data as a user enters it) may be inappropriate when being executed in the context of the Verify Fields option.


Reviewed/Updated: October 2016