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ACTION^XQH4(): Print Help Frame Tree

Reference Type: Supported, Category: Help Processor, Integration Agreement: 10080


This API prints out all the help frames in a help frame tree, including a table of contents showing the relationships between help frames and the page of the printout where each help frame is found. Since help frames can be referenced by more than one help frame, any help frame referenced multiple times appears in the table of contents in each appropriate location, but the help text itself is printed only once. You can alter the format of the output with the xqfmt input parameter.



Input Parameters


(required) Help frame name, equal to the .01 field of the desired entry in the HELP FRAME file (#9.2). Should be set to the NAME of the top-level help frame for which a listing is desired.


(optional) Specifies the output format. Value of xqfmt can be:

  • T—Text of help frames only (default).

  • R—Text of help frames, plus a table of related frames and keywords (if any) for each help frame.

  • C—Complete listing (text of help frames, table of related frames for each help frame, and internal help frame names).





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