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CALL^%ZISTCP: Make TCP/IP Connection (Remote System)

Reference Type: Supported, Category: Device Handler, Integration Agreement: 2118


This API is used to make a TCP/IP connection to a remote system.



Make sure to perform the following steps before calling this API:

  1. NEW all non-namespaced variables.

  2. Set all input variables.

  3. Call the API.

Input Variables


(required) This is the Internet Protocol (IP) address of the Host system to which it connects. It must be in the IP format of four numbers separated by dots (e.g.,


(required) This is the socket to connect to on the remote host. It is an integer from 1-65535. Values below 5000 are reserved for standard Internet services (e.g., SMTP mail).


(optional) This is the timeout to apply to the Open.

Output Variables


If the connection is made then the IO variable will hold the implementation value that is used to reference the connection.


This output variable reports the connection status:

  • Successful—A value of zero (0) means the connection was successful.

  • Unsuccessful—A positive value means the connection failed.

It works the same as a call to ^%ZIS(): Standard Device Call.


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