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DIV4^XUSER(): Get User Divisions

Reference Type: Controlled Subscription, Category: User, Integration Agreement: 2533


This API returns all divisions for a user. It returns:



Input Parameters


(required) This parameter is a local variable (i.e., array name) passed by reference.


(optional) The Internal Entry Number (IEN) of the user in the NEW PERSON file (#200). If DUZ is not passed as a parameter, the function defaults to the value of DUZ in the application's partition.

Output Parameters



  • 1—If the user has a Division entry in the NEW PERSON file (#200). It indicates that the array of pointers to the Institution file has been defined.

    The array includes all IENs for the INSTITUTION file (#4) that have been assigned to the user.

    The array is defined and left in the application's partition, if the user indicated by the value of the DUZ input parameter has divisions defined in the respective NEW PERSON file (#200) entry. The format is:
    ARRAY([^DIC(4 IEN])
  • 0—The array of pointers to the NSTITUTION file (#4) has not been defined.


>S X=$$DIV4^XUSER(.ZZ,duz)


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