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DQ^%ZTLOAD: Unschedule a Task

Reference Type: Supported, Category: TaskMan, Integration Agreement: 10063


This API unschedules tasks. Unscheduling a task ensures that, after the call, it is not scheduled or waiting for a device, computer link, or partition in memory. Unscheduling is guaranteed to be successful as long as the task is currently defined in the TASKS file (#14.4). However, unscheduling a task that has already started running does not stop the task in any way.



Make sure to perform the following steps before calling this API:

  1. NEW all non-namespaced variables.

  2. Set all input variables.

  3. Call the API.

Input Variables


(required) The number of the task to unschedule. This task must currently be defined in the TASKS file (#14.4) or the call will fail.




  • 1—Task was unscheduled successfully.

  • 0—Task was not unscheduled successfully.


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