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EN^XQORM(): Menu Item Display and Selection

Reference Type: Supported, Category: Unwinder, Integration Agreement: 10140


This API handles the display of and selection from a menu; this routine processes a single menu only. This is the call that the EN^XQOR(): Navigating Protocols API uses to obtain menu selections. The caller is responsible to handle any selections from the menu that are returned in the y array. If you want navigation to the selected items handled for you, use the EN^XQOR(): Navigating Protocols API. The menus handled by this routine are the multiple selection, multiple column menus that are typical in Order Entry/Results Reporting (OE/RR).



Input Parameters


(required) A variable pointer to the menu that should be displayed (e.g. XQORM="1234;ORD(101,").


(required) A string of flags that control the display and prompting of the menu:

  • Numeric—Maximum number of selections allowed.

  • A—Prompt for a selection from the menu.

  • D—Display the menu.

Output Parameters


This array contains the items that the user selected from the menu.


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