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EN1^XQH: Display Help Frames

Reference Type: Supported, Category: Help Processor, Integration Agreement: 10074


This API displays a help frame as ACTION^XQH4(): Print Help Frame Tree does, except that it does not clear the screen beforehand, and prior to loading the help frame, EN1^XQH invokes end of page handling (i.e., prompting the user "Enter return to continue or '^' to quit"). If the user enters an "^", the help frame is not displayed. If they press <Enter>, the help frame is displayed.



Make sure to perform the following steps before calling this API:

  1. NEW all non-namespaced variables.

  2. Set all input variables.

  3. Call the API.

Input Variable


(required) Help Frame name (the .01 value from the HELP FRAME file [#9.2]).





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