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EN1^XUPSQRY(): Query New Person File

Reference Type: Controlled Subscription, Category: Common Services, Integration Agreement: 4575


This API is used by the XUPS PERSONQUERY RPC. This API provides the functionality to query the NEW PERSON file (#200). The calling application can query the NEW PERSON file (#200) by using either the VA Person ID (VPID) of the requested entry or part or all of a last name. Other optional parameters can be passed to the call as additional filters. This API was added with Kernel Patch XU*8.0*325.



Input Parameters


(required) Name of the subscripted return array. In every API that is used as an RPC, the first parameter is the return array.


(required) This parameter contains the VPID for the requested user. Either the VPID or last name is required.


(required) This parameter contains all or part of a last name. A last name or VPID are required input variables.


(optional) This parameter is set to null or the full or partial first name.


(optional) This parameter is set to null or contains the 9 digits of the Social Security Number (SSN).


(optional) This parameter is set to null or "P". If set to "P", it screens for providers (person with active user class).


(optional) This parameter is set to null or the Station Number.


(optional) This parameter is set to the maximum number of entries (1-50) to be returned. Defaults to 50.


(optional) This parameter contains the date used to determine if person class is active. Defaults to current date.

Output Parameters


Returns a subscripted output array of the input value/subscripted array (i.e. list) with the following possible values shown:

   ^TMP($J,"XUPSQRY",1)—1 if found, 0 if not found
   ^TMP($J,"XUPSQRY",n,0)—VPID^IEN^LastName~First Name~Middle Name^SSN^DOB^SEX^
   ^TMP($J,"XUPSQRY",n,1)—Provider Type^
   ^TMP($J,"XUPSQRY",n,2)—Provider Classification^
   ^TMP($J,"XUPSQRY",n,3)—Provider Area of Specialization^
   ^TMP($J,"XUPSQRY",n,4)—VA CODE^X12 CODE^Specialty Code^end-of-record character "|"|


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