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GETACT^XQALERT(): Return Alert Variables

Reference Type: Supported, Category: Alerts, Integration Agreement: 10081


This API returns to the calling routine the required variables to act on a specific alert.



Input Parameters


(required) This is the alert identifier in the ALERT TRACKING file (#8992.1)

Output Variables


This is the full alert identifier.


The XQADATA variable stores any software application-specific data string that was passed at the time the alert was generated.


Indicates a non-menu type option on the user's primary, secondary or common menu to be run if not null.


Indicates the routine or tag^routine to run when the alert is processed. It can have three values:

  • Null—A null value indicates no routine to be used (XQAOPT contains option name to be run).

  • ^<space>—A value of ^<space> indicates that the alert is information only (no routine or option action involved).

  • ^ROUTINE or TAG^ROUTINE—The name of the routine as ^ROUTINE or TAG^ROUTINE.


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