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LOGRSRC^%ZOSV(): Record Resource Usage (RUM)

Reference Type: Supported, Category: Operating System Interface, Integration Agreement: 10097


This API records resource usage in the ^XTMP("KMPR" global via the Resource Usage Monitor (RUM) software.



Input Parameters


(required) Name of Option, Protocol, Remote Procedure Call (RPC) or Health Level Seven (HL7). This is a Free Text parameter.


(required) Type of option:

  • 0—Option

  • 1—Protocol

  • 2—Remote Procedure Call (RPC)

  • 3—Health Level Seven (HL7)

(optional) Reserved for future use.



This API saves RUM-related data for each option/type into a file. This file is then downloaded weekly to the Capacity Planning National Database. The data is then available to all sites via the Capacity Planning Service Web site located at the following Web address:


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