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PREP^XGF(): Screen/Keyboard Setup

Reference Type: Supported, Category: XGF Function Library, Integration Agreement: 3173


This API sets up the XGF screen and keyboard environments.

Before using any XGF screen functions, you must call the PREP^XGF API. PREP^XGF sets up screen control variables and tables. It also turns off all video attributes, turns echo off, turns the cursor off, sets the keypad to application mode, and clears the screen.

In addition, PREP^XGF does everything that the INITKB^XGF(): Keyboard Setup Only API does to set up the XGF keyboard environment, including turning escape processing and terminators on. If you call PREP^XGF, a call to the INITKB^XGF(): Keyboard Setup Only API would be redundant.



Input Parameters



Output Parameter


One-character parameter containing the state of the current video attribute.

Also, the GSET^%ZISS(): Set Up Graphics Variables API is called, so all output variables for screen graphics from GSET^%ZISS are defined.

NOTE: See also: CLEAN^XGF: Screen/Keyboard Exit and Cleanup API.


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