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REMVSURO^XQALSURO(): Remove Surrogates for Alerts

Reference Type: Supported, Category: Alerts, Integration Agreement: 2790


This API removes any surrogates for alerts for the specified user.



Input Parameters


(required) This is the Internal Entry Number (IEN, DUZ value) in the NEW PERSON file (#200) for the specified user.

xqalsuro: (optional) IEN of user in NEW PERSON file (#200) XE "NEW PERSON File (#200)"  XE "Files:NEW PERSON (#200)" . If passed, only the user who is passed will be removed from the list of surrogates. If not passed, only the current surrogate will be removed (if any).
xqalstrt: (optional) If passed, the surrogate will be removed only from the start date indicated. If not passed, the surrogate will be removed starting from the date of the current surrogate (if any). If there is no current surrogate, no entries will be removed.





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