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RESETKB^XGF(): Exit XGF Keyboard

Reference Type: Supported, Category: XGF Function Library, Integration Agreement: 3173


This API exits the XGF keyboard environment. You should use the RESETKB^XGF call once you finish making calls to the $$READ^XGF(): Read Using Escape Processing function. The RESETKB^XGF API turns terminators and escape processing off and removes any XGF keyboard environment variables. Subsequent READs are processed normally.

Use this API only if you are using XGF's Keyboard Reader independently from XGF's screen functions. Otherwise, a call to the CLEAN^XGF: Screen/Keyboard Exit and Cleanup API does everything to clean up keyboard processing that the RESETKB^XGF: Exit XGF Keyboard API does, and a separate call to the RESETKB^XGF API is not necessary.

Unlike the CLEAN^XGF: Screen/Keyboard Exit and Cleanup API does not set the keypad to numeric mode.



Input Parameters






NOTE: See also: INITKB^XGF(): Keyboard Setup Only API.


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