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SAVE^XGF(): Screen Save

Reference Type: Supported, Category: XGF Function Library, Integration Agreement: 3173


This API saves a screen region. In order to save and restore screen regions, you must do all screen output using calls in the XGF Function Library output. If you instead use the M WRITE command for output, the screen contents cannot be saved and restored. Also, a call to the PREP^XGF(): Screen/Keyboard Setup API must be made at some point prior to calling SAVE^XGF.

Specify the array node under which to save the overlaid screen region in closed root and fully resolved form (i.e., closed right parenthesis and with variable references such as $J fully resolved). Using M $NAME function is a quick way to pass fully resolved node specifications.



Input Parameters


(required) Top screen coordinate for box.


(required) Left screen coordinate for box.


(required) Bottom screen coordinate for box.


(required) Right screen coordinate for box.


(required) Global/local array node, closed root form.


$x and $y:

Left unchanged.

NOTE: See also: CLEAR^XGF(): Screen Clear Region, RESTORE^XGF(): Screen Restore, and WIN^XGF(): Screen Text Window APIs.


For example, to save the screen contents between rows 5 and 15 and columns 20 and 60 in the SELECT local array, do the following:

>D SAVE^XGF(5,20,15,60,"SELECT")


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