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SET^XUS1A(): Output Message During Signon

Reference Type: Supported, Category: Signon/Security, Integration Agreement: 3057


This API is used to perform any output during a software application-specific action executed at signon. This function should only be used by action-type options attached to and executed by Kernel's XU USER SIGN-ON extended action.

Display of the string is not immediate; instead, every call to SET^XUS1A appends a node to an array containing the post signon text. When all software application-specific signon actions have completed, the signon process then displays the post signon text array, which will also contain any strings registered with the SET^XUS1A function, appended at the end.



Input Parameters


(required) String to output. First character is stripped from string; if the first character is an exclamation point, a line feed is issued before the string is displayed; otherwise, no line feed is issued.





As of Kernel V. 8.0, software applications can attach an action-type option to a Kernel extended action-type option called XU USER SIGN-ON. This option, and all attached action-types, are executed during every signon.

NOTE: For more information on software application-specific action executed at signon, please refer to the "XU USER SIGN-ON: Package-specific Signon Actions" topic in the Kernel Developer's Guide.

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