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SETUP^XUSRB: VistALink-Set Up User's Partition in M

Reference Type: Controlled Subscription, Category: Signon/Security, Integration Agreement: 4054


This API sets up a VistALink user's partition in M prior to signon.



Input Parameters


(required) Name of the subscripted return array. In every API that is used as an RPC, the first parameter is the return array.

Make sure to perform the following steps before calling this API:

  1. NEW all non-namespaced variables.

  2. Set all input variables.

  3. Call the API.

Input Variables

XWBTIP: (required) The Internet Protocol (IP) address of the client workstation.
XWBCLMAN: (optional) The client workstation name.
XWBVER: (optional) This is the version of the RPC Broker software on the client workstation.



Returns a subscripted output array:

  • RET(0)—Server name

  • RET(1)—Volume

  • RET(2)—UCI

  • RET(3)—Device

  • RET(4)—# Attempts

  • RET(5)—Skip signon-screen

  • RET(6)—Domain name


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Reviewed/Updated: August 26, 2011

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