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SIBLING^XUAF4(): Sibling Institution Lookup

Reference Type: Supported, Category: Institution File, Integration Agreement: 2171


This API returns a list of all institutions that make up a given Veterans Integrated Service Network (VISN), parent institution entered in the "child" input parameter.



Input Parameters


(required) $NAME reference to store the list of all institutions of a parent (VISN) institution for the "child" input parameter institution.


(required) Child institution lookup value, any of the following:

  • Internal Entry Number (IEN), will have the ` in front of it.

  • Station Number

  • Station Name

(optional) Type of institution from the INSTITUTION ASSOCIATION TYPES file (#4.05, default is VISN).



Returns the array populated with the list of all institutions of the parent (VISN) institution.

  Variable array

NOTE: With the business rule that institutions can only have one parent per type, if you specify the input parameter type, you will get an array that will only have one PIEN in it. If the type parameter is left blank, it finds all parents for the institution and lists then in the array. Also, the input site (i.e., "child" input parameter) is included in the list.


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