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T0^%ZOSV: Start RT Measure (Obsolete)

NOTE: This API is obsolete.

Reference Type: Supported, Category: Operating System Interface, Integration Agreement: 10097


This API starts RT Measure. The Kernel site parameter flag to enable RT logging must be set for the volume set. The setting of this flag defines the XRTL variable. The call to this API should, thus, include a check for the existence of XRTL, such as the following:

  >D:$D(XRTL) T0^%ZOSV

This API should be placed just before a process that may take a few seconds before the system responds with another prompt. If the minimal pause is at least a half second, there is enough variability to notice changes as the load on the system is increased or decreased. There should be no terminal IOs between the T0 start point and the T1 stop point.

REF: For more information on RT measure, please refer to the Resource Usage Monitor (RUM) documentation, located on the VDL at the following Web address:



Input Variables



Output Variables


Output variable (start time).

The T0 call sets the XRT0 variable to the start time. To discard a sample, the XRT0 variable should be KILLed. Such a KILL would be appropriate if there is an exit path between the T0 and T1 checkpoints that is circuitous or otherwise irrelevant to the normal execution of the code in question.

NOTE: On Caché systems, it only records to the nearest second.


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