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T1^%ZOSV: Stop RT Measure (Obsolete)

NOTE: This API is obsolete.

Reference Type: Supported, Category: Operating System Interface, Integration Agreement: 10097


This API stops RT Measure. This API logs the elapsed time into the ^%ZRTL global. The API should include a check for the existence of the XRT0 variable to confirm that the start time is available.

REF: For more information on RT measure, please refer to the Resource Usage Monitor (RUM) documentation, located on the VDL at the following Web address:



Input Variables


(required) Routine name.

The XRTN variable is normally set to the name of the routine being monitored via the command:

  >S XRTN=$T(+0)

To log more than one stop point in the same routine, a number or other characters can be concatenated (e.g., XRTN_1) so that a separate entry is made in the ^%ZRTL global, since the global is subscripted by routine name:

  >S:$D(XRT0) XRTN=$T(+0) D:$D(XRT0) T1^%ZOSV



Logs elapsed time into the ^%ZRTL global.


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