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TOUCH^XUSCLEAN: Notify Kernel of Tasks that Run 7 Days or Longer

Reference Type: Supported, Category: TaskMan, Integration Agreement: 10052


This API notifies Kernel of any tasks that run 7 days or longer. If a task appears to have been running longer than 7 days, Kernel assumes that it really is not running anymore and KILLs off its temp global and user stack.

If your task legitimately runs more than 7 days, your task should call the TOUCH^XUSCLEAN API once a day to notify Kernel. This API sets ^XUTL("XQ",$J,"KEEPALIVE")=$H.

If Kernel sees this node, and $H is less than 7 days ago, Kernel will leave your task alone, unless it determines that your task is really dead. If $H is more than 7 days ago, Kernel will assume your task is dead and KILL the temp global and user stack for that task.

There are no inputs or outputs to this API.










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