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UPDATE^XPDID(): Update KIDS Install Progress Bar

Reference Type: Supported, Category: KIDS, Integration Agreement: 2172


This API updates the KIDS progress bar to show the percentage complete for the installation of the current number of items specified (i.e., "n" input parameter).



Make sure to perform the following steps before calling this API:

  1. NEW all non-namespaced variables.

  2. Set all input variables.

  3. Call the API.

Input Variable

XPDIDTOT: (required) This variable is the total number of items that are being updated.

Input Parameter

n: (required) The current number of items being updated.





If you are converting 100 records and want to update the user every time you have completed 10% of the records you would do the following:

>F%=1:1:100 D CONVERT I'(%#10) D UPDATE^XPDID(%)


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