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USE^%ZISUTL(): Use Device Given a Handle

Reference Type: Supported, Category: Device Handler, Integration Agreement: 2119


This API restores the IO variables for a device saved with the OPEN^%ZISUTL(): Open Device with Handle or SAVDEV^%ZISUTL(): Save Data Given a Handle APIs. It then does a USE of the device if it is open. The same as:

  >DO USE^%ZISUTL(handle) U IO

REF: See also OPEN^%ZISUTL(): Open Device with Handle and CALL^%ZISTCP(): Make TCP/IP Connection (Remote System) APIs.



Input Parameters


(required) A unique Free Text name to associate with the device that was opened with the OPEN^%ZISUTL(): Open Device with Handle API.

Output Variables


Standard IO variables.


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