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USER^XQALERT(): Get Alerts for a User

Reference Type: Supported, Category: Alerts, Integration Agreement: 10081


This API returns a list of alerts for a given user. You can return a list of all alerts for a particular user that are either:



Input Parameters


(required) Fully resolved global or local reference in which to return a list of matching alerts.


(optional) DUZ number of user for whom the alert list is returned. If you do not pass a number, the current user's DUZ is used.


(optional) Starting date to check for alerts. If you pass this parameter, all alerts are returned, open or closed, from the startdate until the enddate (if no enddate is specified, all alerts beyond the startdate are returned). If you omit the startdate parameter (and enddate), only currently open alerts are returned.


(optional) Ending date to check for alerts. If you omit this parameter, but pass a startdate, all alerts are returned beyond the startdate.

Output Parameters


All alerts matching the request are returned in the input parameter you specified in root, in the following format:

  root=number of matching alerts
  root(1)= "I   "_messagetext_"^"_alertid

where the first three characters are either:

"I ": if the alert is informational

" ": if the alert runs a routine

and where alertid (Alert Identifier) contains three semicolon-delimited pieces:

  1. The original software application identifier (value of xqaid).

  2. The DUZ of the alert creator.

  3. The VA FileMan date and time the alert was created.



ZZLART(1)="I  Test Message^NO-ID;92;2940729.10312"


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