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VALIDAV^XUSRB(): VistALink-Validate User Credentials

Reference Type: Controlled Subscription, Category: Signon/Security, Integration Agreement: 4054


This API validates a VistALink user's credentials for signon to M.



Input Parameters


(required) A credential (typically the encoded "Access code;Verify code" string) to use to attempt a signon for the current user.



;Return R(0)=DUZ, R(1)=(0=OK, 1,2...=Can't sign-on for some reason)
; R(2)=verify needs changing, R(3)=Message, R(4)=0, R(5)=msg cnt, R(5+n)
; R(R(5)+6)=# div user must select from, R(R(5)+6+n)=div


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Reviewed/Updated: August 26, 2011

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