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$$ACCESS^XQCHK(): User Option Access Test

Reference Type: Supported, Category: Menu Manager, Integration Agreement: 10078


This extrinsic function is used to find out if a user has access to a particular option.



Input Parameters


(required) The identification number of the user in question in the NEW PERSON file (#200).


(required) The Internal Entry Number (IEN) or option name of the option in question in the OPTION file (#19).




  • -1—No such user in the NEW PERSON file (#200).

  • -2—User terminated or has no Access code.

  • -3—No such option in the Option file (#19).

  • 0—No access found in any menu tree the user owns.

  • 4-Piece String—

    • " access^menu tree IEN^a set of codes^key

    • " 0^tree^codes^key: No access because of locks (see XQCODES below).

    • " 1^OpIEN^^: Access allowed through Primary Menu.

    • " 2^OpIEN^codes^: Access found in the Common Options.

    • " 3^OpIEN^codes^: Access found in top level of secondary option.

    • " 4^OpIEN^codes^: Access through the secondary menu tree OpIEN.

    XQCODES can contain the following:

    • " N—No Primary Menu in the NEW PERSON file (#200, warning only).

    • " L—Locked and the user does not have the key (forces zero [0] in first piece).

    • " R—Reverse lock and user has the key (forces zero [0] in first piece).


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