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$$ADD^XUSERNEW(): Add New User

Reference Type: Supported, Category: Signon/Security, Integration Agreement: 10053


This extrinsic function adds new entries to the NEW PERSON file (#200). It was modified with Kernel Patch XU*8.0*134. After prompting for the user's name, it parses the input into its component parts, and then prompts for each name component separately, presenting the parsed input as defaults. It then prompts for the default identifiers for the NEW PERSON file (#200) entry in the following order:

  1. INITIALS (#1)

  2. SSN (#9)

  3. SEX (#4)

If the user of this function has the XUSPF200 security key, entry of the SSN is not required. The default identifiers can be locally modified by modifying the NEW PERSON IDENTIFIERS field in the KERNEL SYSTEM PARAMETERS file (#8989.3).

To prompt for additional fields during this call, you pass a DR string containing the field(s) for which you wish to prompt as a parameter to this function. If the person adding the entry enters a caret ("^") to exit out before filling in all the identifiers and requested fields, the entry will be removed from the NEW PERSON file (#200), and -1 will be returned.



Input Parameters


(optional) Additional fields to ask when adding the new user, in the format for a DR string as used in a standard DIC call.

NOTE: For information about DIC, please refer to the VA FileMan documentation for information about DIC.


(optional) A comma-delimited string of keys to assign to the newly created user.



Returns a value similar in format to the value of "Y" returned from a standard DIC call:

  • -1—User neither existed nor could be added.

  • N^S—User already exists in the file; N is the internal number of the entry in the file, and S is the value of the .01 field for that entry.

  • N^S^1—N and S are defined as above, and the 1 indicates the user has just been added to the file.

NOTE: For information about DIC, please refer to the VA FileMan documentation for information about DIC.

Example 1

To add a new user, asking default fields for new entry:


Enter NEW PERSON's name (Family,Given Middle Suffix): KRNUSER,TWO E
  Are you adding 'KRNUSER,TWO E' as a new NEW PERSON (the 1602ND)? No// Y <Enter> (Yes)
Checking SOUNDEX for matches.
No matches found.
Name components.
MIDDLE NAME: E// <Enter>
SUFFIX: <Enter>
Now for the Identifiers.
SSN: 000222222
SEX: M <Enter>  MALE
>W X
1000118^KRNUSER,TWO E^1

Example 2

To add a new user, specifying a key to add:


Example 3

To add a new user, specifying additional fields to ask, plus two keys to add:



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