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$$ASKSTOP^%ZTLOAD(): Stop TaskMan Task

Reference Type: Supported, Category: TaskMan, Integration Agreement: 10063


This extrinsic function asks TaskMan to stop running a specified task. Also, it checks for the ZTNAME variable, and if defined, it uses it instead of DUZ to value the STOP FLAG field (#59.1). ZTNAME is supported by applications calling this API to indicate the process that asked the task to stop.



Input Parameters


(required) Task number of the TaskMan task to be stopped.




  • 0—"Busy". If it returns "Busy", it could mean that the task is locked, someone else is changing it, or TaskMan is starting to run it.

  • 1—"Task missing" or Task "Finished running". If it returns "Task missing", it could mean that it was an incorrect input task number, but it is most likely that the task ran and was removed after running.

    If it returns "Finished running", it means that the task was finished running before the API request could go through, so the API could not stop an already finished task.

  • 2—"Asked to stop" or "Unscheduled". If it returns "Asked to Stop", the task has started running and the stop flag has been set, so if the application checks ($$S^%ZTLOAD) it should stop.

    If it returns "Unscheduled", it was successful and the task is not scheduled any more.


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