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$$CREATE^XUSAP(): Create Application Proxy User

Reference Type: Controlled Subscription, Category: Signon/Security, Integration Agreement: 4677


Released with Kernel Patch XU*8.0*361, this extrinsic function is a non-interactive API to create an Application Proxy User to support J2EE middle-tier applications. The Application Proxy User represents an application and not an end-user.

CAUTION: If the user running this extrinsic function does not hold the XUMGR security key, it returns an error upon the filing of the Application Proxy as the User Class.

The Application Proxy User is a special category of user account that gets created in the NEW PERSON file (#200) and can execute authorized RPCs. The Application Proxy User created must adhere to the following criteria:



Input Parameters


(required) This is the name of the Application Proxy User. This name must be unique and should be namespaced.


(optional) This is the VA FileMan Access code. It cannot be an at-sign ("@").

NOTE: For more information, please refer to the VA FileMan Advanced User Manual.


(optional) This is the name of a single option name (e.g., XUS FATKAAT PROXY LOGON) or an array of options, such as XUOPT("XMUSER")=1. Applications can only access the Remote Procedure Calls (RPCs) contained in the options provided in this input parameter. RPCs are tied to "B"-type options.




  • IEN of entry created in NEW PERSON file (#200)—Successful; writes new Application Proxy User to the NEW PERSON file (#200).

  • "0^Name In Use"—Unsuccessful; Application Proxy User of that name already exists in the NEW PERSON file (#200).

  • -1—Unsuccessful; could not create Application Proxy User OR error in call to UPDATE^DIE.

    NOTE: For more information on UPDATE^DIE-related error, users should check ^TMP("DIERR",$J).


The following example shows a successful creation of an Application Proxy User:


Proxy Created

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