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$$CURCP^XPDUTL(): Get Current Checkpoint Name/IEN

Reference Type: Supported, Category: KIDS, Integration Agreement: 10141


This extrinsic function is used during KIDS installations. Use this function to return the name of the current checkpoint. It can be useful if, for example, you use the same tag^routine API for more than one call back. Using this function, you can determine which call back you are in.

Use this API only for checkpoints with a call back. It will return the NULL string if you call it when working with a checkpoint with no call back (in which case, you would really be in either the pre- or post-install routine).



Input Parameters


(required) Pass as zero (0) to return checkpoint name. Pass as 1 to return checkpoint Internal Entry Number (IEN).




  • Checkpoint Name—The current checkpoint name.

  • NULL String—If not currently in a checkpoint call back.


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