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$$DECODE^XTHCUTL(): Decodes a String

Reference Type: Supported, Category: Toolkit—HTTP Client Helper, Integration Agreement: 5555


The Kernel Toolkit Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) Client Helper software release adds a new tool in a set of Infrastructure software tools that developers can use. HTTP is a fast and reliable way for an application to collect data from another source. Kernel Toolkit Patch XT*7.3*123 allows VistA to tap into this information and retrieve Web data.

This code was developed by another VistA application that had a pressing need for this capability. The Kernel Toolkit development team is providing it as generic tool so that other developers may use its functionality for their needs. For example:

This extrinsic function returns a decoded string using the HTTP Client Helper 1.0 software. This API was introduced with Kernel Toolkit Patch XT*7.3*123.

NOTE: XTHC* routines are part of the HTTP Client Helper application for developers.



Input Parameters


(required) Input string to be decoded.



Returns decoded string. It replaces the following characters:

  • &lt; with <
  • &gt; with >
  • &amp; with &
  • &nbsp; with " "
  • &apos; with '
  • &quot; with "
  • &#65; with A


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