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$$EN^MXMLDOM(): XML—Initial Processing, Build In-memory Image

Reference Type: Supported, Category: XML, Integration Agreement:  3561


This extrinsic function performs initial processing of the XML document. The client application must first call this entry point to build the in-memory image of the document before the remaining methods can be applied. The return value is a handle to the document instance that was created and is used by the remaining API calls to identify a specific document instance. The parameters for this entry point are listed by type, requirement (yes or no), and description.



Input Parameters


(required) This string is either a closed reference to a global root containing the document or a filename and path reference identifying the document on the host system. If a global root is passed, the document either must be stored in standard VA FileMan word-processing format or may occur in sequentially numbered nodes below the root node. Thus, if the global reference is "^XYZ", the global must be of one of the following formats:

  • ^XYZ(1,0) = "LINE 1"

    ^XYZ(2,0) = "LINE 2" ...


  • ^XYZ(1) = "LINE 1"

    ^XYZ(2) = "LINE 2" ...

(optional) This string is a list of option flags that control parser behavior. Recognized option flags are:

  • W—Do not report warnings to the client.

  • V—Do not validate the document. If specified, the parser only checks for conformance.

  • 1—Terminate parsing on encountering a validation error. (By default, the parser terminates only when a conformance error is encountered.)

  • 0—Terminate parsing on encountering a warning.




  • Non-zero Handle of Document Instance—Parsing completed successfully.

  • ZeroHandle of Document Instance.

This handle is passed to all other API methods to indicate which document instance is being referenced. This allows for multiple document instances to be processed concurrently.

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