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$$FILE^XLFSHAN: Returns SHA Hash for Specified FileMan File or Subfile Entry

Reference Type: Supported, Category: Data Security, Integration Agreement:6157


This extrinsic function returns the SHA hash for a specified file entry. It uses the VA FileMan GETS^DIQ API to extract the data from the file. The input parameters match the input parameters for GETS^DIQ.

NOTE: This API was released with Kernel patch XU*8.0*657.



Input Parameters

hashlen (required) The hash length in bits:
  • 160 (SHA-1)
  • 224 (SHA-224)
  • 256 (SHA-256)
  • 384 (SHA-384)
  • 512 (SHA-512)
filenum (required) VA FileMan file or subfile number.
iens (required) Standard VA FileMan IENS indicating internal entry numbers, as documented in the VA FileMan Developer’s Guide.
field (optional) Can be one of the following:
  • A single field number.
  • A list of field numbers, separated by semicolons.
  • A range of field numbers, in the form M:N; where M and N are the end points of the inclusive range. All field numbers within this range are retrieved.
  • Asterisk (*) for all fields at the top-level (no sub- Multiple record).
  • Double asterisk (**) for all fields including all fields and data in sub-Multiple fields.
  • Field number of a multiple followed by an * to indicate all fields and records in the sub-Multiple for that field.
If this parameter is not passed, it defaults to **, which extracts all fields.
flags (optional) Flags to control processing. The possible values are:
  • E - Returns External values in nodes ending with E.
  • I - Returns Internal values in nodes ending with I; otherwise, external is returned.
  • N - Does not return Null values.
  • R - Resolves field numbers to field names in target array subscripts.
  • Z - WORD-PROCESSING fields include Zero nodes.
  • A# - Audit Trail is used to retrieve the value of "FIELD" at a particular point in time. # is a date/time in VA FileMan internal format (e.g., 3021015.08). The values retrieved are the (audited) values of the fields as of that date/time.


  • SHA hash if successful.
  • Zero (0) - If the file could not be opened or found.
  • -1 - If an error occurs.



>W $$FILE^XLFSHAN(512,200,"10000000407,")