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$$GLOBAL^XLFSHAN: Returns SHA Hash for a Global

Reference Type: Supported, Category: Data Security, Integration Agreement:6157


This extrinsic function returns the SHA hash of a specified global, in contrast with the $$FILE^XLFSHAN API, which returns the hash for a particular entry in a global.

NOTE: This API was released with Kernel patch XU*8.0*657.



Input Parameters

hashlen (required) The hash length in bits:
  • 160 (SHA-1)
  • 224 (SHA-224)
  • 256 (SHA-256)
  • 384 (SHA-384)
  • 512 (SHA-512)
filenum (required) VA FileMan file number.
dataonly (required) Scope of the hash:
  • 0 - Global location of the data is to be included in the hash computation.
  • 1 - Hash is computed only for the data.


  • SHA hash if successful.
  • Zero (0) - If there is an error.



>W $$GLOBAL^XLFSHAN(256,200,0)