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$$HANDLE^XUSRB4(): Return Unique Session ID String

Reference Type: Supported, Category: Signon/Security, Integration Agreement: 4770


(This API is made available with Kernel Patch XU*8.0*395.) This extrinsic function returns a unique Caché cluster string for a VistA system for use by HealtheVet Desktop applications.



Input Parameters


(required) This input parameter should start with the VistA software namespace. In addition, users can add any additional application/software identifiers.


(optional) This input parameter indicates the number of days that this handle will be available for use. Possible values range from 1 to 7. The default is 1. XTMP requires that the zero node hold the save through date. This value is cleaned up via the XQ82 routine (i.e., Clean old Job Nodes in XUTL option [XQ XUTL $J NODES]).



Returns the unique Vista system Caché cluster string. The value generated includes the data entered in the namespace input parameter and $J and $H. If this value is already defined, a new value is generated.


In this example, we are creating a unique session ID for the RPC Broker namespace (i.e., "XWB"):



When checking the ^XTMP temporary global you would see:

^XTMP("XWB-CCOW928-57785_0",0) = 3050805^3050804


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