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$$IDX^XUAF4(): Institution IEN (Using Coding System & ID)

Reference Type: Supported, Category: Institution File, Integration Agreement: 2171


This extrinsic function returns the Internal Entry Number (IEN) of an INSTITUTION file (#4) entry for a given coding system and identifier (ID) pair.



Input Parameters


(required) CDSYS is an existing coding system of the INSTITUTION file (#4). To see the existing coding system in the file:


(required) ID is the identifier associated with the coding system. The station number, for example, is the identifier for the VASTANUM coding system and NPI number is the ID for the NPI coding system.



Returns the INSTITUTION file (#4) Internal Entry Number (IEN) associated with the given coding system and identifier (ID).


>S X=$$IDX^XUAF4(???,???)

>W X


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