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$$LAST^XPDUTL(): Last Software Patch

Reference Type: Supported, Category: KIDS, Integration Agreement: 10141


This extrinsic function returns the last patch and the date it was applied to the software. The patch will also include the Sequence # if the last patch was a released patch.

NOTE: This API can be used outside of KIDS.



Input Parameters


(required) Software name or software namespace entered within quotes (e.g., "KERNEL" or "XU").


(optional) Full software version number with decimal point entered within quotes (e.g., "8.0"). The current version is assumed if this parameter is not supplied.


(optional) This parameter was added with Kernel Patch XU*8.0*559. If set to 1, then only the last released patch information is returned.



Returns the last patch information in a caret-delimited string:

  • nnn^yyymmdd—Unreleased patch, where "nnn" = patch number and "yyymmdd" = date in VA FileMan format.

  • nnn Seq #nnn^yyymmdd—Released patch, where "nnn" = patch number, "Seq #nnn" = sequence number for released patch, and "yyymmdd" = date in VA FileMan format.

  • -1—If either the software or version does not exist or no patches have been applied.

Example 1


>S Y="8.0"


Example 2

>S Y="8.0"
>S Z=1
431 SEQ #453^3110425.122831

Example 3

>S Y="9.0"
>S Z=1

For this example, since there is no Kernel Version 9.0 the expected result should be -1.

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