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$$LENGTH^XLFMSMT(): Convert Length Measurement

Reference Type: Supported, Category: Measurement Functions, Integration Agreement: 3175 & 10143


This extrinsic function converts U.S. length to Metric length and vice versa. It returns the equivalent value with units.



Input Parameters


(required) A positive numeric value.


(required) Unit of measure of the value input parameter (see table under the to input parameter).


(required) Unit of measure to which the value input parameter is converted (see table below):

Valid units in either uppercase or lowercase are:

Metric US
km—kilometers mi—miles
m—meters yd—yards
cm—centimeters ft—feet
mm—millimeters in—inches



Returns the length measurement.

Example 1

Converting U.S. length to Metric length:


>W X
30.48 CM

Example 2

Converting Metric length to U.S. length:

>S X=$$LENGTH^XLFMSMT(30.48,"cm","in")

>W X
12 IN

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