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$$MAKEURL^XTHCURL(): Creates a URL from Components

Reference Type: Supported, Category: Toolkit—HTTP Client Helper, Integration Agreement: 5554


The Kernel Toolkit Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) Client Helper software release adds a new tool in a set of Infrastructure software tools that developers can use. HTTP is a fast and reliable way for an application to collect data from another source. Kernel Toolkit Patch XT*7.3*123 allows VistA to tap into this information and retrieve Web data.

This code was developed by another VistA application that had a pressing need for this capability. The Kernel Toolkit development team is providing it as generic tool so that other developers may use its functionality for their needs. For example:

This extrinsic function returns a URL created from input components using the HTTP Client Helper 1.0 software. This API was introduced with Kernel Toolkit Patch XT*7.3*123.

NOTE: XTHC* routines are part of the HTTP Client Helper application for developers.



Input Parameters


(required) The Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) or Internet Protocol (IP) address of the system to which it connects.


(optional) The port to use is if not Port 80.


(optional) The path to the page.


(optional) An array of query parameters.



Returns URL.


S host=""
S path="maps/api/staticmap"
S query("center")="1301+clay+st.,Oakland,CA"
S query("zoom")=14
S query("size")="512x512"
S query("maptype")="roadmap"
S query("sensor")="false"
W $$MAKEURL^XTHCURL(host,,path,.query)

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