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$$NEWCP^XPDUTL(): Create Checkpoint

Reference Type: Supported, Category: KIDS, Integration Agreement: 10141


This extrinsic function is used during KIDS installations. Use this function to create a checkpoint, in pre- or post-install routines. The checkpoint is stored in the INSTALL file (#9.7).

Pre-and post-install checkpoints are stored separately, so you can use the same name for a pre- and post-install checkpoint if you wish. Checkpoints created with this function from the pre-install routine are pre-install checkpoints; checkpoints created during the post-install routine are post-install checkpoints.

You can use $$NEWCP^XPDUTL to create a checkpoint with or without a call back. You can also store a value for the parameter node, if you wish.

Checkpoints created with call backs have that call back automatically executed by KIDS during the appropriate phase of the installation. If the checkpoint is created during the pre-install routine, KIDS executes the call back as soon as the pre-install routine completes. If the call back is created during the post-install, KIDS executes the call back as soon as the post-install routine completes. If multiple checkpoints are created during the pre- or post-install routine, KIDS executes the call backs (and completes the checkpoints) in the order the corresponding checkpoints were created.

Checkpoints created without a call back cannot be executed by KIDS; instead, they provide a way for developers to store and retrieve information during the pre-install and post-install phases. Rather than storing information in a local or global variable, you can store information in a checkpoint parameter node and retrieve it (even if an installation is re-started).

If the checkpoint you are trying to create already exists, the original parameter and call back will not be overwritten.



Input Parameters


(required) Checkpoint name.


(optional) Call back (^routine or tag^routine reference).


(optional) Value to which the checkpoint parameter is set.




  • Internal Entry Number (IEN)—Created checkpoint if newly created or if checkpoint already exists.

  • Zero (0)—Error occurred while creating checkpoint.


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