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$$S^%ZTLOAD(): Check for Task Stop Request

Reference Type: Supported, Category: TaskMan, Integration Agreement: 10063


This extrinsic function is used within a task to determine if the task has been asked to stop. Using the $$S^%ZTLOAD() function in longer tasks is highly recommended. Tasks should test $$S^%ZTLOAD to check if the user who queued the task has requested that the task be stopped. If the task has been asked to stop, it should set the local variable ZTSTOP to 1 before quitting. This will alert the Submanager to set the task's status to STOPPED instead of FINISHED, to give the user feedback that the task has obeyed their request.

You can use the optional message parameter to inform the user of the progress of a job. It is displayed when the task is listed by one of the many options that list tasks.



Input Parameters


(optional) Allows you to leave a message for the creator of the TaskMan task.




  • 1—Creator of the task that has asked the task to stop.

  • 0—For all other cases.


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