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$$SCREEN^XTID(): Get Screening Condition (Term/Concept)

Reference Type: Supported, Category: Toolkit—VHA Unique ID (VUID), Integration Agreement: 4631


As of Kernel Toolkit Patch XT*7.3*108, this extrinsic function retrieves the screening condition for a given term/concept reference and specified date/time. It returns whether or not a given entry should be screened out of selection lists. This API should not be used to determine if the given entry is active/inactive, since the API takes into consideration where in the standardization process the facility is. It returns the following values:



Input Parameters


(required) VistA file/subfile number where term/concept is defined.


(optional) Field number in the "file" input parameter where term/concept is defined:

  • Not Defined—If not defined, this field defaults to the .01 field number, and it represents the terms defined in the file entered in the "file" input parameter.

  • Defined:

    • Entered as .01, it represents the terms defined in the file entered in the "file" input parameter.

    • Otherwise, the field number entered must be a SET OF CODES data type field in the file entered in the "file" input parameter.

(required) Internal reference for term/concept:

  • File Entries—This will be an IENS. For example:

    iref = "5,"

  • SET OF CODES—This will be the internal value of the code. For example:

    iref = 3 or
    iref = "f" or
    iref = "M"

(optional) VA FileMan date/time against which screening is checked. It defaults to NOW.

NOTE: If the value of the datetime parameter contains a date and no time, no entries are returned for the first day.


(optional) Flag to indicate caching. Used mainly when defining the "screen" parameter [e.g., DIC("S")] while searching large files. This will improve the speed of the search.

NOTE: It must be KILLed before initiating each search query (e.g., before calling the ^DIC).



Returns the screening condition as follows:

  • 0—When term/concept is selectable (i.e., do not screen it out).

  • 1—When term/concept is not selectable (i.e., screen it out).

Example 1

For terms defined in fields that are SET OF CODES:

>S file=2,field=.02,iref="M",datetime=$$NOW^XLFDT

>W $$SCREEN^XTID(file,field,iref,datetime)

Example 2

For terms defined in a single file:

>S file=16000009,field=.01,iref="3,",datetime=""

>W $$SCREEN^XTID(file,field,iref,datetime)

Example 3

When searching a large file:

>S file=120.52,field=.01,datetime=""
>S SCREEN="I '$$SCREEN^XTID(file,field,Y_"","",datetime,.cached)"
>. . .
>K cached
>D LIST^DIC(file,,".01;99.99",,"*",,,,SCREEN,,"LIST","MSG")
>K cached


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