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^XUWORKDY: Workday Calculation (Obsolete)


Reference Type: Supported, Category: Miscellaneous, Integration Agreement: 10046


NOTE: The XUWORKDY routine is maintained for code that might still use it.

To use the ^XUWORKDY API, you must make sure that the HOLIDAY file (#40.5) is populated with each year's holidays for the workday calculation to work correctly. If it is not populated, you need to populate it yourself (Kernel distributes this file without data). Only enter holidays that fall on weekdays, however.

You can call the ^XUWORKDY routine to calculate the number of workdays between two dates (X, X1). It returns a positive value if X<X1 and a negative value if X>X1. If either date is imprecisely specified, or if the HOLIDAY global is empty, then ^XUWORKDY returns a NULL string.

The first FOR loop in ^XUWORKDY checks the HOLIDAY global and sets %H equal to the number of holidays between the two dates. It is assumed that the HOLIDAY global contains only weekday holidays.

The second FOR loop (F %J=%J:1 ... ) steps forward from the earliest date and stops at the first Sunday or at the ending date (whichever comes first) counting the number of workdays.

The third FOR loop (F %K=%K:-1 ... ) steps backward from the latest date and stops at the first Sunday or at the beginning date (whichever comes first), counting the workdays.

Then %I is set equal to the number of days between the two Sundays.

Finally, X is set equal to the total counted days minus the number of weekend days between the two Sundays ( -(%I\7*2) ).



Input Variables


(required) Starting date in VA FileMan internal format (e.g., 2850420).


(required) Ending date in VA FileMan internal format (e.g., 2850707).

Output Variables


The number of workdays in the interval.


>S X=2850420,X1=2850707 D ^XUWORKDY W X


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