VPE User's Manual
As a supplement to VPE's extensive Help text, Greg Kreis offers theVPE User's Guide in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. Written for both beginning and experienced VPE users, it is a distillation of Greg's extensive hands-on experience and his long-running involvement in VPE's evolution. (Dave did the work and I talked a lot. <grin>.)

This manual is not current with the latest release of VPE.  If anyone is willing to update the manual, contact me and we can make arrangements for your contribution to the cause.

NOTE: You must have version 3.0 or better of the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the above document. You can download it from Adobe's site.

About this Web Page
This is my first attempt at developing a web page. It was developed in M using VPE's routine editor. It is two routines long. I tried to design the page to be as simple as possible so it would be a good beginning example for other programmers who haven't yet attempted to export M data to a web page. If you are interested in learning about using M to develop a web page of your own, you're welcome to download and review these routines.
David Bolduc

(**** Please note that the above paragraph was written by Dave before this page was re-written with FrontPage for display on the Hardhats.Org site. The general layout, however, has remained the same though the links have likely changed.)