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^DI: Programmer Access

^DI: Programmer Access

Often, VA FileMan's options are accessed through a menu system that calls up the main VA FileMan menu. For example, if Kernel is installed, VA FileMan can be entered from Kernel's menu system, if a user has been granted access.

However, the main menu can also be displayed directly from the M command prompt. When you call VA FileMan directly, you are using "programmer mode."

There are four entry points in the DI routine that you can use to enter VA FileMan. Each way of calling up the main menu has a different effect upon the local M variables that are defined when you begin your FileMan session. They are described below:


This entry point cleans the symbol table; that is, it kills all local variables except those that are required for VA FileMan's operation. (The variables DUZ and DTIME are unchanged.) In addition, the variable DUZ(0) is set equal to @. The @-sign gives you complete programmer access to all of FileMan's files and functionality.

NOTE: Included in the variables killed are the IO variables.


Like P^DI, this entry point sets DUZ(0)="@". However, the remaining variables in the local symbol table are unchanged.


Like P^DI, this entry point cleans the symbol table. However, it leaves DUZ(0) unchanged; whatever Access Code string was in DUZ(0) before the call remains to control access within FileMan.


This entry point leaves all local variables alone. It neither cleans the symbol table nor resets DUZ(0).

In addition, other necessary variables are set to default values if they are undefined when you start VA FileMan from programmer mode.


Reviewed/Updated: March 10, 2007