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Internationalization and the DIALOG File

Role of the VA FileMan DIALOG File in Internationalization

The VA FileMan DIALOG file is used to store dialog that would normally appear on a screen during interaction with a user. The DIALOG file becomes especially important in assisting developer support for non-English speaking users because it allows easy entry and retrieval of non-English dialog without making any changes to code that is already using the DIALOG file.

Use of the DIALOG File in Internationalization

A system variable, DUZ(LANG), identifies to VA FileMan the language currently in use. This system variable is set equal to a number that corresponds to the ID NUMBER of an entry in the LANGUAGE file (see discussion of the VA FileMan LANGUAGE file). This number is also used as a subscript for the TRANSLATION (LANGUAGE) multiple in which non-English text can be stored. For users running Kernel V. 8.0 or later, this variable is set automatically during signon.

For every entry needing translation in the DIALOG file, the developer should populate the FOREIGN TEXT field for the desired language. When either of the text retrieval routines, BLD^DIALOG or $$EZBLD^DIALOG, is called, if DUZ("LANG") is greater than one (1), VA FileMan will look at the language location specified by DUZ("LANG") to find the text. If text cannot be found at that location, VA FileMan defaults to use the English equivalent from the TEXT field. As with English text, parameters to be inserted into the text can be passed to the call.

See also the programmer calls BLD^DIALOG and $$EZBLD^DIALOG.

Creating Non-English Text in the DIALOG File

Once an entry exists in the DIALOG file, developers may enter or edit non-English equivalents for the TEXT field, using FileMan Enter/Edit.

Select DIALOG: 10001   This is English text for a test message.

Select LANGUAGE: ?
     You may enter a new TRANSLATION, if you wish
     Enter the number or name for a non-English language.
     English language cannot be selected.
Choose from:
   2      GERMAN
   3      SPANISH
   4      FRENCH
   5      FINNISH
   6      ITALIAN
   10     ARABIC
   11     RUSSIAN

Select LANGUAGE: 2      GERMAN
  Are you adding '2' as a new TRANSLATION (the 1ST for this DIALOG)? y   (Yes)
 1>Here is where we enter the non-English text. 



Reviewed/Updated: March 10, 2007