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^DIEZ: INPUT Template Compilation

Interactively compiles or recompiles an INPUT template.

Compiling an INPUT template means telling VA FileMan to write a hard-coded M routine that will do just what a particular INPUT template tells the Enter or Edit File Entries option to do. This can enhance system performance by reducing the amount of data dictionary lookup that accompanies VA FileMan input. The routines created by DIEZ should run from 20% to 80% more efficiently than DIE does for the same input.

Call ^DIEZ and specify the maximum number of characters you want in your routines, the name of the INPUT template you are using, and the name of the M routine you want to create. If more code is compiled than will fit into a single routine, overflow code will be incorporated in routines with the same name, followed by 1, 2, etc. For example, routine DGT may call DGT1, DGT2, etc.

Once DIEZ has created a hard-coded routine for a particular INPUT template, VA FileMan automatically uses that routine in the Enter or Edit File Entries option, whenever that template is specified for input. When definitions of fields used in the EDIT template are altered by the Modify File Attributes or Utility Functions option, the hard-code routine(s) is (are) recompiled immediately.


Reviewed/Updated: March 8, 2007